Titanium Plate 400ml Ti5367
Titanium Plate 400ml Ti5367

Titanium Plate 400ml Ti5367

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6.3 × 1.1 in │ 161 × 28 mm
13.5 fl oz│400 ml
2.0 oz │ 57 g.
Pure titanium dinner plate, with a single-layer thickness of about 0.4mm, made of pure titanium material. It is seamlessly integrated, lightweight, and has high hardness. It does not rust, corrode easily, and is non-stick, making it easy to clean and reducing the growth of bacteria. The plate has a smooth and delicate surface with a rolled edge design, ensuring there are no burrs that could harm your hands or mouth. This versatile plate can be used to serve pastries, snacks, fruit platters, and main dishes. The series offers eight different capacities ranging from 150ml to 450ml, which can be stacked for easy storage, saving space and facilitating portability. It comes with a mesh storage bag for convenient travel storage.