About Keith

◆ 2001: We started our business by designing and manufacturing premium high speed pressing mold.

◆ 2004: We introduced upscale kitchen utensils product line.

◆ 2005: We began to design, develop and manufacture titanium products. Inspired by the unique characteristics of titanium and challenge of its processing difficulties, we started to research and develop titanium products. At that time, we had neither sample nor reference to imitate or learn. Initiated from zero, we thought on our own to questions, worked with our own hands and integrated titanium processing theory with our own practice. After countless success and failure, with the consult and support from industry experts and academy professors, over the course of a decade, we have eventually developed our exclusive processing technology and built our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We are now the leading designer, developer and manufacturer of upscale titanium kitchen utensils.

◆ 2006: We registered   brand and targeted it to high-end premium kitchen utensils.

◆ 2008: Our first invention, Keith ultralight pure titanium sport bottle, was marketed in this year. Our factory was transforming from OEM to ODM. Keith’s expand and growth in household, sport, chemical industry, aerospace and navigation have won us reputation and brand awareness.

◆ 2011: The invention and market launching of our pure titanium tea set led and stimulated the sale growth of Keith titanium outdoor products rapidly. In this year, we repositioned our brand and reorganized our marketing team for more effective and efficient brand recognition and marketing strategy.

◆ 2012: We developed the pure titanium canteen mess kit and launched it on US market by co-branding. In this year, we also enhanced our partnership with industry experts and academy professors seeking for theoretical consultations and supports in titanium processing. We developed the pure No.78 titanium canteen mess kit and individual field cup pot for Army using.

◆ 2015: Our multifunctional cooker was born, which later won both ISPO Winner Award and ASIA Outdoor Industry Silver Award. we became the second company in the world who are capable to manufacture titanium alloy earthquake detection equipment intended to be used in 20.000 feet deep sea.

◆ 2016: We founded Keith Titanium Inc. in California, in Paris and in China, officially marketed Keith Titanium brand in North American, European and Asian market.

◆ 2017: We launched the complete set of titanium aluminum physical non-stick cookware after years of research and development.