Understanding titanium

Titanium isn't magical, but it's special enough

Titanium is the only metal which is none hazardous on human body and adapt to the harshest condition in the outer space. It is the only medical mechanical material which can be safely implanted into human body.

Titanium characteristic

Research showed, titanium provide a sense of security, sleek, and pleasing to the eye. It is very eco-friendly to the planet. Titanium is a charactered metal. It is unique, elegant, temperament, energetic, dexterous, and tenacity.

Nine characteristics of titanium

Eco-friendly metal

Pure titanium composed of more than 99.9% Ti, and other trace of Fe, C, H, O. This composite is harmless to human body. Titanium material will not pollute our earch, and air environment. By far, it is the strongest curable metal and non-toxic chemical pollutions.

High strength  

The tensile strength & the yield strength of titanium is very high. During shaping process, its resilience is very strong. After shaping, the rigidity is strong and deformation is solid. Giving the same volume of all metal products, the strength of titanium products if the strongest and it highest strength have not been surpassed.

Health titanium 

Titanium is non-toxic and perfect compatible with the human body and blood. It is widely adopted in the medical industry in making human apparatus.

Bacteriglosist function 

Titanium has bacteria inhibit function. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate harmful bacteria in there state of environment. Titanium utensil can do this matter in your daily life.



Titanium is 4.51 g/cm3 in density which is higher than aluminum, yet, lower than steel, cooper and nickel. Its weight is close to aluminum at the same volume. It is an ideal metal for a strong composite metal without the weight like steel

Heating is good

The wall thickness of titanium products is the most thinnest of all metal ware. Titanium surface is not easy to be scaled which can reduced thermal resistance. The heat will go from the bottom to the core very quickly. But, the heat will transfer from left to right very slowly which in turn will keep the handles temperature very low.

Corrosion resistance 

Titanium can be placed in the deep sea in a long period of time and it will not rust. Titanium is very stable in many medium. It can be placed in a alkali and acid solution and it will not corrode. It is because the air oxygen generate a layer of dense solid titanium dioxide which protect it from corrosion.

High temperature resistant 

Titanium melting point is 1688°C. It can be long term used without any stres under 600°C. Titanium cookware isnot easily to be deform in high temperature cooking.

Low temperature resistance 

The strength of titanium will be decreased with temperature under 3253°C. It is good durability and strength avoiding metal embrittlement. Titanium is called " warm metral" when working in low temperature.