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Titanium isn't magical, but it's special enough

 Titanium is the only metal which is none hazardous on human body and adapt to the harshest condition in the outer space. It is the only medical mechanical material which can be safely implanted into human body.


Titanium Sport Bottle


Titanium Office Mug with Tea Infuser


Titanium Canteen Mess Kit


Titanium Spoon with Bottle Opener


Titanium pot and Pan Cook 


Keith Titanium Mini Coffee and Tea Maker

By blending with each other, ergonomic design and precision machining, formed together this state-of-the-art coffee and tea maker. It is functionally simple and elegant, straightforwardly versatile and multi-purpose and environmentally friendly and healthy, perfectly interpreting both the product design philosophy and environmental philosophy behind which Keith Titanium proudly stands. It will sure bring you the ultimate Coffee and tea drinking experience.